Our department heads offers many years of experience in their respective area of expertise such as property management, accounting, administrative services, property management support and maintenance. In each of these departments we serve the community with on-time reports and within budget constraints of the association.

• Property Management
Each community association has its own distinctive needs and our management services are custom-designed to meet those needs. Such services include:

• regulation enforcement
• preparation of long range management plans
• attendance at board meetings
• preparation of rules and regulations
• inspection of properties
• coordination of resident relations
• preparation and maintenance of minutes

• Accounting Management
We use TOPS accounting software which is easy to understand,flexible and offers a wide variety of financial statements to help the Board make good and prudent financial decisions, including:

• preparation of annual budgets
• reserve studies
• collection of monthly fees and special assessments
• payment of invoices
• preparation of monthly operation reports
• maintenance of bank account records
• monitoring of budgets

• Administrative Support
Our administrative support staff are cross-trained in accounting and property management support to offer every owner immediate answers to any question or can direct them to their manager. Our services include:

• maintenance of association documents
• preparation of newsletters

• Property Management Support
Our property managers also have support personnel in the office to handle phone calls, prepare mailings, take messages and handle the administrative tasks of the managers. This saves the manager valuable time and keeps the manager in a property managing mode at all times. We assist in areas such as:

• procurement of vendor bids
• supervision of vendor work
• negotiation of vendor contracts

• Maintenance
We have full-time highly qualified maintenance staff for on-site maintenance or the occasional handyman work that some communities require.